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Monday, August 3, 2020

Facebook Avatars more contagious than COVID-19 – confirm experts

A second, more contagious, wave of infection has spread around the world in the last few days, it has been confirmed. While the world...

Entire class disappears after dressing as “Where’s Wally” for World Book Day

The entire Year 3 from St. Savile's Primary School, in Ellesmere Port, has completely vanished after they all dressed as 'Wally' from the 'Where's...

Teenager explains why UK government’s porn block is bollocks

A random teenager, named Kevin, has explained why the recently announced porn block that hopes to restrict teenagers under the age of 18 from...

Cheshire College first to offer language course in Animated GIFs

The Ellesmere Port campus of Cheshire College is the first of its kind in the UK to offer a languages course in...

Mum OUTRAGED as teacher tells breastfeeding student ‘I hope you’ve brought enough for everyone’

An Ellesmere Port mum has spoken of her disgust at her daughter being told ‘I hope you’ve brought enough for everyone’ by her teacher...

Coinstar CEO laughing tits off at poor who give him money

The CEO of Coinstar, Erik E. Prusch, has been laughing his absolute tits off at all of the poor people who chuck their money...

Dance group 2 Unlimited admit there is a limit after attending Speed Awareness Course

The dance duo 2 Unlimited, consisting of Belgian rapper Ray Slijngaard and Dutch singer Anita Doth, have been forced to concede there is a...

125% of people surveyed don’t understand percentages, survey finds

A recent survey of 2,000 Ellesmere Port residents has uncovered that 125% of people have no idea how percentages work. The survey was conducted in...

McCanns to open childminding business

Parenting experts, Kate and Gerry McCann, have announced they’re to open a new childminding business in Chester. The new business, named ‘Hide and Seek...

Chester student planning to work entire hour this term

A University of Chester student has announced plans to put in a full hour’s work this term, it has been revealed. The hour of...

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