A secret plan formed by the UK government to contain the coronavirus has been exposed. In the top-secret document, plans are detailed on how the Wirral Peninsular will be quarantined indefinitely, with its residents cut off from the rest of the UK.

The shocking plan, which is currently only a last resort should the coronavirus hit pandemic levels, would see a barricade erected near Ellesmere Port, cutting off all access to Wirral and stopping people from entering or leaving the peninsula.

Wirral residents were alarmed when UK holidaymakers suspected of contracting coronavirus were taken to Arrowe Park Hospital, in Birkenhead, even though many of them were from other parts of the UK. What wasn’t known at the time was the reason Arrowe Park Hospital was chosen was because Wirral is a strategically easy part of the UK to quarantine should the virus escape.


The two Mersey tunnels, the Kingsway and the Queensway, would also be shut down and would be patrolled by the British army. The border at Ellesmere Port would be patrolled with tanks, and battleships would be stationed around Wirral to prevent anyone trying to flee to Wales.

The Ellesmere Port border would see Hooton fall on the quarantined side of the wall, whereas Cheshire Oaks would, of course, be on the safe side. Great Sutton would be split in two, with the barrier cutting across Sutton Way. Overpool Road would be on the safe side, whereas Chester Road would be in the quarantine zone.

The Ferry Across the Mersey is expected to make its very last voyage in the next few days, before it too is grounded.

Once this plan is put into place, it is predicted Wirral would descend into widespread anarchy, with looting, arson and car thefts becoming commonplace. Birkenhead would be largely unaffected.

A spokesperson for Merseyrail commented on how the service from Ellesmere Port to Liverpool would be severely interrupted, with commuters now having to take bus replacement services via Runcorn, which would take hours. So it appears Merseyrail, like Birkenhead, would also be unaffected.

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