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Jürgen Klopp to single-handedly complete stadium expansion by Sunday


Liverpool manager, Jürgen Klopp, expects to have the Anfield Road expansion completed by this weekend.

Klopp, who attended the ground-breaking ceremony earlier this week, didn’t want to leave the job unfinished after starting to dig. While he was only supposed to be there for a photo opportunity, and then leave the construction work to the Buckingham Group, the contractors working on the £60 million expansion, Klopp remained and continued working.

After 2hrs Klopp had completely dug out all of the foundations using just a shovel.

LFC officials, and construction workers, all tried to convince the Liverpool manager to leave it to the contracted team, but Jürgen refused and begin mixing 2000 tonnes of concrete.

The stadium expansion, which is set to add an additional 8,819 seats to the Anfield Road End, was planned for completion in time for the start of the 2022/23 season. However, Jürgen has been working solidly through the night and believes he will have the ground finished, and ready for the match this weekend.

Liverpool FC chairman, Tom Werner, commented:

We can’t stop him. Once he’s put his mind to something he sees it through. We’ve dismissed the contractors already. They’ve all gone home and Jürgen is completing the stadium himself.

One onlooker described the moment Jürgen began digging for the ground-breaking ceremony.

When that shovel hit the ground his eyes widened and he exuded a crazed grin. He looked at the shovel, then the ground, and just started digging. He was out of control.

At time of writing, Jürgen was installing the flooring into the third hospitality lounge he’d built earlier this morning. Jürgen plans to run health and safety tests on the newly completed expansion Saturday evening, in time for the Sunday clash with Machester City.

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