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3-Second Rule Becomes UK Law post Brexit


The popular ‘3-second rule’, where it is believed that food that has been dropped on the floor is fine to eat so long as it is picked up after 3 seconds, has become law in the UK.

During the ‘nanny state‘ rules inflicted on the UK by the EU, perfectly acceptable practises such as gathering food off the floor and serving it up in restaurants wasn’t allowed. It meant any chefs or waiting staff who dropped food on the floor of the kitchens weren’t permitted to then serve it to diners, and they instead had to bin it. This was both wasteful and expensive.

With the UK now out of the EU, and free from its meddling, it has been enabled to make its own laws once again. One of the first to go was the wishy-washy leftists law about not serving food that had been dropped on the floor. Now, thanks to this new ruling, restaurants are able to serve food to Brits so long as it has been mostly scooped up within 3 seconds – the accepted safe time frame for eating food that has been splatted on the kitchen floor.

Regular eater, and Brexit supporter, Big Dave England, commented:

This is great news. We’re making our own laws now. It’s a British right to eat food that has been on the floor, and I for one am proud to eat it.

Restaurant owner Ernst ‘Greasy’ Dandrüf, gleamed:

This is great for my business as I’m always dropping shit on the floor. Now it doesn’t matter. Rubbish, dog dirt, people’s food… it can all go back on the plate and be served up to the Brits.

Brexit supporters have hailed this new law as a “great step forward for the sovereignty of the UK”.

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