The entire Year 3 from St. Savile’s Primary School, in Ellesmere Port, has completely vanished after they all dressed as ‘Wally‘ from the ‘Where’s Wally‘ books for World Book Day.

The costume of Wally was particularly popular this year after an abundance of red and white striped jumpers went on sale at The Asdas, in Ellesmere Port, just before parents set out for their usual clamour of looking for costumes at the last minute.

The child-sized stripey jumpers, retailing for just £2.99, were snapped up by rabid parents all thinking they’d had the best idea ever for a World Book Day costume.


There was utter shock in the school, yesterday morning, when every child in class showed up wearing the exact same costume.

Scientist, Doctor Noah Deer, believes the whole class spontaneously disappearing was always going to happen with every child dressing as Wally.

Every child dressing as Wally created the ‘perfect storm’ of invisibility. They all blended in with each other until they just… vanished.

World Book Day, celebrated in the UK in March every year, sees children up and down the country dress as their favourite film and TV characters, while their parents try to loosely argue they’re also in books.

The tradition also includes parents tidying one small corner of their home in order to take the perfect picture of their little darlings, before plastering them all over social media hours after telling someone in Pride in the Port how they should keep their kids safe online because of ‘weirdos’.

The class’ teacher, Miss Pert, looked for the children for hours but couldn’t find them anywhere. She commented:

I knew they were there. I could hear them giggling. I just couldn’t see them. We’re not doing World Book Day next year!


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