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TARDIS requires extension to fit John Bishop’s teeth


Following the news that scouse comedian, John Bishop, was joining the ranks of Doctor Who it has been confirmed by the BBC that the TARDIS has required an extension to accommodate his huge teeth.

The TARDIS, which stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, was previously believed to be infinite in size on the inside, as it is powered at its core by a collapsing star. Previous companions of The Doctor would always marvel at how the TARDIS was ‘bigger on the inside‘ than on the outside.

Not John Bishop, however, who joins the Doctor playing ‘Dan‘. Bish the Dish, as he is known to his female fans, was very concerned at the cramped TARDIS not being big enough for his enormous mug, and galaxy-sized enamelled grin.

BBC execs have confirmed that construction work is underway extending the TARDIS to make it big enough to fit Bishop’s massive head.

Bishop, who replaces fellow comic and part-time game show host Bradly Walsh, will reportedly face “evil alien races beyond his wildest nightmares“, which is something he’ll be used to having appeared on several series of League of Their Own with James Cordon.

Assuming work is completed on extending the inside of the TARDIS in time, Bishop should make his debut on the next series of Doctor Who later this year.

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