An Ellesmere Port mum has spoken of her disgust at her daughter being told ‘I hope you’ve brought enough for everyone’ by her teacher as she breastfed her new-born baby while in school.

Thirteen-year-old Cassidy Snowdrop was breastfeeding five-week-old daughter Harmony Loveisland during her biology class at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School. Her teacher, Mr Longrod, noticed the girl was feeding her baby and piped up in front of the class that he ‘hoped she’d brought enough for everyone’.

The class erupted in laughter and Cassidy was, according to her mother, mortified.


Cassidy’s mother, twenty-six-year-old Jasmine Haribo, immediately went to the local press with her story. She explained:

My daughter is a brilliant mummy and she was just making sure baba was fed proper. The teacher was bang out of order.

Cassidy’s teacher, however, believes he was in the right and was merely following the school’s procedures.

Mr Longrod commented:

I don’t see the problem. Anyone caught eating in class is expected to share it around. It discourages the practice. Why should Harmony Loveisland be any different?

The school confirmed it is their policy to discourage students from eating in class, but a breastfeeding mother isn’t expected to share around the baby’s food.

Mr Longrod added:

Cassidy certainly looked as though she was packing enough milk for everyone. Her milk jugs are enormous.


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