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Monday, June 27, 2022

Woman who adopted Chester Zoo lion didn’t know she’d have to home it

Lucy Taylor, a twenty-six-year-old woman from Girton Road, Ellesmere Port, was shocked to discover she had to find space in her home for a...

Animals to be released into Chester in event of closure – confirms Chester Zoo

Shopping in Chester is expected to get more hazardous following the announcement by Chester Zoo that all of its animals will be released into...

Vegans SHOCKED to find quinoa is a small furry mammal

The Vegan and Vegetarian world is reeling from the news that quinoa, previously believed to be a pseudo-cereal, is in fact a cute fluffy...

Chester Zoo Successfully Breeds Dinosaurs

A Chester Zoo spokesperson, has confirmed the news the science world has been waiting for decades to hear: Chester Zoo has successfully bred the...

Chester Zoo to open exhibit of Ellesmere Port men

The popular tourist attraction, Chester Zoo, has announced it is to open an exhibit featuring men from Ellesmere Port. The exhibit, entitled ‘Primitive Port’,...

Family of meerkats escapes Chester Zoo

An entire family of meerkats has plotted and executed a daring escape from Chester Zoo, it was confirmed earlier today. According to sources, the meerkats...

Cat plotting revenge for owners making it look like a twat

A local cat has been quietly plotting his revenge against the owners who have dressed him up to look like a twat, it has...

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