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Emma Raducanu credits Piers Morgan for her success


British tennis sensation, Emma Raducanu, has praised her mentor Piers Morgan and credited him for her latest success.

Raducanu, an immigrant to the UK (but she can hit a tennis ball, so she’s one of the good ones), received a thorough coaching session from Morgan via Twitter after she walked out of Wimbledon in July 2021. His words of wisdom and encouragement allowed the young tennis player to turn her career around, and reach success after success.

She owes it all to Morgan, Raducanu explains:

If it weren’t for Piers giving me the benefit of his years of experience at the top of his game, and telling me I couldn’t handle the pressure, I would never be where I am now.

Raducanu went on to add:

Whatever I achieve in tennis, I’ll never be as successful as Morgan. But I hope, one day, to be able to show determination in the face of questions from a weatherman, become close friends with sex offenders and hack a dead kid’s phone.

The advice Piers gave, that Emma Raducanu says turned her career around, came in a single Tweet in July 2021. Piers said:

Since that Tweet, and Emma’s change in fortunes, Piers has modestly accepted the credit for Emma Raducanu’s career. Now the player herself has come forward and credited Piers for everything she has achieved.

He’s an inspiration.

She concluded.

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