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Mumsnet to rebrand as Karensnet

Karens complaining about Karen stereotype forces rebrand


Popular man-bashing website, Mumsnet, is to be rebranded as Karensnet, it has been confirmed.

The website, for mums and by mums, has for many years operated under the illusion that it’s a ‘parents’ website, where men are also considered a factor. However, the website’s owners have finally decided to drop the pretence and just call a ‘spade a spade’ by rebranding to Karensnet – by Karens for Karens… where Karens go to bitch about men, the universe and everything.

Karen Karenson, a spokesperson for the new Karensnet, commented:

We’re not even all mums, but we are all Karens, so it made sense to rebrand.

The website has long been an advocate of abolishing men and, over the years, has published such articles as:

  • Men – why they’re a complete waste of space
  • Jars – and why they don’t need opening
  • 101 ways to demand to see the manager without saying ‘don’t you know who I am’
  • Please can we stop using the name Karen as an insult?

One member of Karensnet, Karen Smith, commented on how the idea came about to rebrand Mumsnet as Karensnet. She mentioned this thread on Mumsnet, where the Karens all talked about how being called a Karen was an insult. The Karens all hate being called Karen as a derogatory term, and have all spent countless hours complaining about being called Karen, despite them actually being called Karen. Karen continued:

We’ve decided to own being called Karen, and take back Karen from the Karen meme.

Mumsnet is expected to rebrand as Karensnet later this year, and anybody not named Karen will be removed from the website for not being Karen enough.

In 2020, a group of furious Karens demanded the Karen meme be discontinued as they all wanted to reclaim their name ‘Karen’ in what is considered the most Karen thing to have ever been Karened.


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