The dance duo 2 Unlimited, consisting of Belgian rapper Ray Slijngaard and Dutch singer Anita Doth, have been forced to concede there is a limit after attending a Speed Awareness Course in Ellesmere Port.

The duo were caught by a camera on Chester Road just before Christmas, doing 34mph in a 30mph zone. They believed there to be no limit on the road, and felt travelling at a relatively safe 34mph would be OK.

However, after receiving a fine through the post from Cheshire police, the duo were forced to attend a Speed Awareness Course last week at the Woodhey House Hotel in Hooton.


The energetic pair were travelling along Chester Road, after having left Morrison’s, and were heading towards the Strawberry roundabout when a camera caught them speeding. At the Speed Awareness Course, the excitable twosome were educated on the speed limits on UK roads, which contradicted their beliefs that there were, in fact, no limits.

Ray, the rapper of the duo, commented:

I’m playing on the road; I’ve got no fear. The sound for my mouth is the rap you hear.

However, Steve Jones, who ran the Speed Awareness Course, explained to Ray:

The road is not for playing. It is for driving at a safe speed, within the limits.

Anita was reported to have been completely taken aback with the notion of limits on the UK’s roads. She commented.

No no limits, won’t give up the fight. We do what we want and we do it with pride.

However, Steve explained to Anita that she can’t do what she wants where speed is concerned. Steve also gave Anita a stern lecture on using the correct vehicle at the correct time when she added:

No no limits, we’ll reach for the sky! No valley too deep, no mountain too high.

Steve responded to Anita, explaining:

In fact there are many mountains too high, and valleys to deep, for a car to safely traverse.

After completing the course, the pair have accepted that there are, in fact, limits.


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