The Ellesmere Port campus of Cheshire College is the first of its kind in the UK to offer a languages course in Animated GIFs.

The three year course, which is currently taking applications for new students for this Summer, will reportedly teach students the language of Animated GIFs, and have students fluent within three years.

The controversial course has been branded ‘total bollocks‘ by one local resident, Clive Spankwell. He commented:


What an absolute load of shite. I mean, all languages courses are bollocks but this one really takes the fucking biscuit!

Cheshire College’s Olivia Kavanagh, from the Press Office, defended the new course in Animated GIFs, claiming it would set the college apart from its competition as a world leader in modern languages.

She added:

Animated GIFs is one of the most used forms of communication in the world. We aim to teach a new generation of students this growing language.

The course will show students how to construct sentences, use proper nouns, adverbs and adjectives – all with the medium of animated GIFs.

Once students have spent three years studying for a BTEC in Animated GIFs, they’ll be offered the chance to study it further at degree level in Chester.


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