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Chester seeks new name as Manchester drops ‘Man’ to become Chester


The City of Chester is looking for a new name following the decision by Manchester to drop the masculine ‘Man‘ from its name, becoming just Chester.

The decision by Manchester to change its name to Chester follows a host of politically correct name changes of late, such as Mr Potato Head dropping the Mr to become just Potato Head, and English rock group Manfred Man becoming Gender-Neutral Fred Gender Neutral.

The decision by Manchester has unfortunately left Chester looking for a new name for its city, as there can only be one Chester in the north west, and the new Chester (formerly Manchester) has flexed its political muscles and taken control of the name ‘Chester’ from its smaller cousin.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Manchester, commented:

It was a tough decision to drop the ‘Man’ from Manchester and become Chester, but it needed doing. It’s brought us up-to-date with PC society and the 21st Century.

Meanwhile, Chester’s mayor Mark Williams isn’t quite so excited by the news. He commented:

Those Manc pricks. Just because they’ve all become snowflakes we have to change our name? Wankers!

Chester, the old one, is now seeking a new name and is asking its residents to suggest one. Frontrunners include Oldchester, Romanchester and Cestria. What name would you suggest for Chester? A new name has to be selected by the end of the year, when Manchester officially becomes Chester.

An unfortunate side effect of the name change for Manchester is that it will also affect its football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. They will also have to rename, becoming Chester United and Chester City. The latter having far-reaching consequences.

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