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Home Entertainment Arsenal to recreate Emirates atmosphere by dubbing silence over behind-closed-door games

Arsenal to recreate Emirates atmosphere by dubbing silence over behind-closed-door games


Arsenal F.C. has today confirmed they will be recreating the atmosphere of a packed Emirates when matches resume by pumping silence into the ground for the players and viewers at home.

With the Premiere League restarting after several weeks, and all matches being played in empty stadiums, it was feared the atmosphere wouldn’t be the same as when the stadiums were full. However, Arsenal F.C. has a plan for this and hopes that by pumping the sound of silence into the ground over the Tannoy system, their players will feel like they’re playing in front of a full house.

Arsenal chairman, Chips Keswick, believes the idea will give Arsenal the edge when playing home games if the Emirates atmosphere is accurately recreated. He added:

The atmosphere at the Emirates is unlike any other ground in England. While grounds like Anfield, St James’ Park and the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium are all loud and boisterous, the Emirates produces a deafening silence.

Equally, in away matches one member of the Arsenal substitutes will be charged with chanting ‘Is This The Emirates’ at especially quiet moments of play.

With these measures in place, Arsenal F.C. believes they may be ale to make a strong finish to the season and possibly even snatch 9th place.

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