About Us

The Chester Bugle is a satirical news website, written by a bunch of nut jobs. It’s not actual news, even though it may look like it to some people.

If you read something that gets you all het up and in a twizzle, calm your tits – it’s almost certainly made up. Feel free to share stories from this website, but do so in the knowledge they’re written as jokes or satirical comment on the world’s affairs – nothing more.

We hope you’ll take your sceptical view of our news away with you when you look at other things written on the internet, printed in newspapers or broadcast on the TV and radio. Treat everything with suspicion, as we’re not the only people making shit up.

Nothing written on this website should be believed, even this disclaimer. Oh, we’ve created a paradox now haven’t we? OK, believe this disclaimer when we say everything’s made up, apart from this bit. We know what we mean.

Enjoy, but with your tongue firmly planted inside your cheek!