The growing coffee brand plans to expand its current range of seven locations within Ellesmere Port to 23 by the end of 2018, it has emerged.

Ellesmere Port residents could be forgiven for thinking that there’s a branch of Costa Coffee every few yards, but that’s exactly what the Bedfordshire based brewer is planning.

The company already has two locations on the Coliseum, one in the Port Arcades, one on Cheshire Oaks, a drive-through opposite Sainsbury’s and two at Chester Services. However, this is not enough for the ambitious firm.


Costa Coffee’s CEO, Christopher Rogers, announced earlier this week:

We want coffee lovers to be able to sit in a branch of Costa Coffee and see the next store from the window. There should never be a branch of Costa where you cannot see the next Costa.

The firm plans to add an additional three locations to the Coliseum: one in Debenhams, one in the Entertainer and one in Maplin. An additional six locations will be added within Cheshire Oaks, four in the town centre, three on Stanney Lane and another eight in areas to be decided upon.

Rogers believes the growing town of Ellesmere Port, with its increased housing being developed, is perfect for Costa Coffee’s new initiative to have a ‘Costa viewable from every Costa’.

Fans of the firm’s coffee need not ever worry about finding a Costa Coffee again, according to Rogers.

We’re not stopping at 23 branches either – we’re looking to double that number by 2020.

What do the Bugle’s readers think of Costa Coffee? Is 23 branches of a coffee shop too many, or not enough?



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