The future of the Grace Arms Pub, in Ellesmere Port, has become even more clouded as the developers are now planning to bulldoze the pub to make way for a mosque.

The developers, Lane End Developments, are currently going through a deal to purchase the pub from the current owners, Green King.

The Warrington based development firm had planned on building 42 new apartments on the site, but this plan was met with fierce opposition from locals who attended a public consultation last week. Ellesmere Port and Neston MP, Justin Madders, met with campaigners hoping to save the pub and stop the development going ahead.


Justin commented:

There are many empty sites now near the town centre which I would much prefer to be redeveloped instead of demolishing a well known and loved landmark in the town.

With the plans to build new apartments proving so unpopular, the developers have changed tact and are now instead planning to construct a mosque on the site. The area is large enough for the developers to build the third largest mosque in the north west.

The proposed mosque, to be built in Ellesmere Port

A spokesman for Lane End commented:

Campaigners were against the apartments, but they’ll love the mosque idea. The 5:30am call to prayer will be heard as far away as in Neston.

The campaigners will be discussing the proposed new mosque on their Facebook Page set up to coordinate their campaign.


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      I live in hope.

    • You don’t ‘have’ to do anything. You choose to do it. Posts like this help you identify the racists so you can ban them. You’re welcome by the way. Also, you don’t spend any time deleting comments. You just delete the whole thread. That’s one click. Well done. Good job.


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