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Brain-eating amoeba to swing election Trump’s way


A brain-eating amoeba that has been found in the water supply in several cities throughout Texas, is expected to swing the election in November in favour of sitting President Donald Trump.

The amoeba has been discovered in the water supply and is believed to consume brain cells of anyone who ingests the water. Scientists believe the amoeba is in the water supply throughout the USA, and its brain-cell-consuming effects will result in a strong swing towards the Republican party come November.

President Trump, on hearing about the amoeba, commented:

I know the amoeba. He’s a great guy. Loves hunting. Always supported me.

The loss of intelligence caused by the amoeba consuming brain cells is expected to see millions of Americans vote for another four years of Trump, to avoid the scenes shown in his TV commercials warning of ‘Biden’s America’ that were actually filmed during Trump’s America.

The amoeba was unavailable for comment at this time, but is believed to be starving in Texas and is looking forward to moving on to states where brain cells are in more abundance.

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