COVID-19 expressed an extreme sense of relief, this weekend, as a test for Trump proved negative.

The virus was concerned it may have contracted Trump after coming into contact with the man at a recent engagement. A nervous 48hrs for COVID-19 had a happy ending, however, when the test for Trump came back all clear.

The unpleasant virus, responsible for thousands of deaths around the world, lives in the White House and acts as President of the United States. Concerns he had infected an unsuspecting COVID-19 circulated this past weekend, resulting in a test for the infection with the results awaited by an interested media.


Luckily for COVID-19, it had not contracted Trump and has been given the all clear by doctors.

Those infected by Trump include millions in the USA, mostly in the middle parts where cousins marry, and symptoms include loss of understanding, illiteracy, xenophobia and a love of walls.


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