Thousands of British have been admitted to hospital with alcohol poisoning after playing a popular drinking game about Boris Johnson. The game, entitled ‘Drink When Boris Lies‘ has been sweeping the nation in the last few months, and it’s taken its toll on even the alcohol-obsessed Brits.

The rules of the game are quite simple; players need to take one of the many drinking forfeits whenever Boris tells a lie. There are specific drinks players have to do based on the type of lie told by the PM.

The origins of the game are unclear, but political analysts have suggested it’s actually a clever Tory plan to dismantle the NHS by flooding it with thousands of additional patients.


One player, from Ellesmere Port, explained how his naan slipped into a coma after playing the game. Alan Dempsey, of Girton Road, commented:

Me nan was f*cked after 10 minutes of watching Boris. Me dar said to carry on, she’d be fine, but she never woke up.

With the NHS creaking under strain caused by the game Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has made the following plea to the nation.

Please stop playing this game. You all drinking when Boris tells a lie is crippling the NHS.

So far nobody has lasted more than 37 minutes playing the game without vomiting, passing out or requiring an ambulance. Ant McPartlin lasted 22 minutes, while Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne managed 34 minutes before ordering some chicken.

How far can you last playing the ‘Drink When Boris Lies’ drinking game? Play the game and let us know in the comments, or have a friend let us know when they find your lifeless corpse.

Play the Boris Drinking Game


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