MARVEL, the studio behind Spider-Man, The Hulk and Captain America, today announced a new superhero would be joining the ranks of The Avengers. The new superhero, No Sweat Man, is a mild-mannered prince by day and a man incapable of sweating by night.

No matter how hot the situation, whether he’s cavorting with teenage girls, eating a hot and spicy pizza or being interviewed on prime time TV, no sweat man doesn’t produce a single bead of sweat.

When he’s not being No Sweat Man, the new superhero is a prince in the British Royal Family. He rides around in limousines, attends gala openings and makes friends with rich and influential people.


No details have yet been released on how No Sweat Man will fit into the MARVEL universe, or whether he’ll be introduced in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, but fans are already very excited.

Marvel fan-girl, 17-year-old Roxy from Ellesmere Port, commented:

No Sweat Man looks amazing. Imagine not sweating, ever? He can take me for a pizza anytime.

MARVEL fans can look forward to No Sweat Man appearing sometime next year.


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