The salad cart at an all-you-can-eat restaurant, in Chester, has never been so much as touched since the restaurant opened, nine years ago.

The restaurant features different cuisines from all over the world, with a special emphasis on Chinese. Diners can fill their plates with foods from India, Thailand, China, Italy and other countries before eating it all and then returning to the buffet area for more.

This has proved very popular with Chester’s food lovers.


The restaurant also has a very impressive desserts section, where diners can choose from a wide selection of cakes, cookies, pastries and even ice cream. You can frequently see diners returning to their seats clutching an ice cream cone in each hand, before collapsing into a food coma.

However, the salad cart has never been used.

The Bugle discovered that, after the third year, the salad cart was actually replaced with an ‘ornamental’ salad cart as nobody ever ate it anyway. The cherry tomatoes are really made from porcelain, and the lettuce is made from papier-mâché.

The manager of the restaurant commented:

We kept throwing salad away every day. We realised there’s no point even putting it out. Everyone walks straight passed it to the rice and ribs.

On further investigation into Chester’s eating and drinking establishments, the Bugle also discovered that Wetherspoon’s sinks in the men’s toilets are also fake as nobody ever used them either.


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