CHESHIRE Police has released an image from CCTV showing a man they’re interested in speaking with over an incident in Whitby Park this weekend.

The man is described as dangerous, carrying a large weapon and should not be approached. The man is said to have been wearing just his underpants and boots, and was seen approaching children and talking to them in what was described as a ‘condescending and chilling manner’.

The image released by police shows the man on one of the children’s rides at the park, with an unnamed eight-year-old girl. The girl’s parents, who also can’t be named for legal reasons, said the man approached their daughter as she played in the park. He squeezed in behind her and made a really inappropriate expression with his face.


The girl’s father added:

The dirty bastard said something about her fibbing to her parents. I think he was trying to keep her quiet. Who knows where it would have led had someone not stepped in.

The man was last seen running off towards the Grace Arms, chasing another man who was dressed in blue, carrying a big stick and wearing a hood. The two men did not appear to be friends.

If you recognise the man, or the man in blue, Cheshire Police request you notify them on Twitter.


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