A man from Texas, in the USA, has announced that mass shootings are to blame for his copy of Call of Duty Black Ops not working correctly.

24-year-old Brad Chuck Ingram Gregg Junior III confirmed on his Twitter, earlier today, that the reason his copy of COD Black Ops keeps crashing whenever he tries to play online was because of the mass shootings that keep happening in the USA.

His exclamation came just days after sunbed-frequenting president, Donald Trump, linked the mass shootings in the USA to video games. Brad has confirmed the president’s finding, stating that mass shootings and videos games are linked in such as a way that he can no longer play co-op mode on his PS4.


Brad tweeted:

Dang ding gawd son ov B*tch. My COD don’t der load cos ov dem mass shoot’ns

We asked a translator who speaks hick, and he confirmed what Brad said was:

Darnation! Son of a bitch! One’s ‘Call of Duty’ doesn’t load due to the infernal mass shootings.

The USA is currently on tenterhooks to see if golf ball-botherer President Trump is going to clamp down on mass shootings to help Brad and his video game loading problem.

We have also been asked to point out that video games load fine in the UK, and in other countries around the world, as there aren’t two mass shootings every day to impact on the video games’ loading times.


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