In a recent interview, one of game developer Treyarch‘s lead coders revealed some interesting news about the latest DLC (downloadable content) for their zombie version of the popular video game Call of Duty.

Lead developer David Vonderhaar commented that the Cheshire town of Ellesmere Port represented an ‘ideal’ location for gamers to download and use as a map to battle zombies.

In the interview, Vonderhaar commented:


That Ellesmere Port would make a perfect zombie map because of all the smog that is emitted by that creepy Stanlow oil thing. All the crackheads stumbling about also look like zombies anyway.

The comments from Vonderhaar have sparked outrage among the residents of Ellesmere Port who have been able to read them, with angry replies posted on the original interview saying things such as:

Hoo da fook dos dat Vondledoodaa bloke recon he is? He diservs to get a glass too da hed da cheeky prick!

Vonderhaar also added that local MP, Justin Madders, might get a feature in the map as one of the zombie bosses further into the game as he seems to be the subject of much local attention on posts in Pride in the Port.

After seeing the distress his comments caused the locals who could read, Vonderhaar apologised for his comments, adding:

I am deeply sorry to the residents of Ellesmere Port for the things I have said. I haven’t seen this many angry people since the release of the latest Black Ops game.


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