Chester couple, Tom and Debbie Shanks, have admitted they’re only staying together because of their mutual love of getting absolutely shitfaced.

The couple have been together for five years, have been married for three and have pretty much hated each other for two. They should have split by now, something they both freely admit; however they’re willing to battle on due to their shared love of alcohol.

Debbie, a 25-year-old part-time carer, met Tom when she was 19. Initially she thought she enjoyed being with him, but she has come to realise it was just the buzz of being off her tits that she really enjoyed. Debbie confirms she and Tom would have split, if it wasn’t for the worry they’d never find another partner who also liked spending every waking moment as drunk as an Irishman on pay-day.


Debbie confirmed:

Tom’s really f*cking boring, but he likes getting wasted as much as me. That’s a rare quality.

She continued:

If I didn’t settle for Tom, I might meet someone who judged me for the raging piss head I am. That would never do.

Tom was equally disparaging about his love for his wife of three years. He added.

Debbie’s a real pain in the arse. I’d literally rather be with anyone else, if I didn’t like being smashed off my face more.

According to research, Tom and Debbie’s situation is not unusual in the UK, with as many as 67% of couples admitting to only staying together because they worry they’d never find someone else as accepting of their alcoholism.

Do you and your partner like getting smashed together? Do you only stay together for the sake of the booze?


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