Ellesmere Port was, this morning, rejoicing at the news scratch cards (or ‘scratchies) would be an event at the next Olympics.

During many Olympic Games new events are trialled to see how successful they are, and whether they should become regular events. Such events to have been trialled in the past include golf, ten-pin bowling and roller hockey. Going forward, sports such as karate and skateboarding will also be trialled during the next Olympics.

It was a surprise move, however, from the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to announce playing the scratchcards as a trial event during the next games. The decision has proved very popular in the Port, where it has been the national pastime since the first Lottery in 1994.


Local Porthead, Gibbo Jones, from Rugby Road, is considered the town’s biggest scratchies player. He spends an average of £87 per week on scratch cards, cleaning out his wife’s spare cash whenever she leaves her bag lying unprotected.

Gibbo commented:

Scratchies is my life. When I wins a fortune I’m gonna have a massive blowout wiv all me mates. It’s gonna be wicked.

Gibbo’s wife, Sarah, added:

He’s a twat.

The IOC has confirmed that the scratchies event won’t be won by whomever wins the most on the scratchcards. Instead it will be more of an artistic, performance-based event with points being awarded for speed, artistic interpretation, control, aggression and cleanliness of the scratch.

With so many full time scratchcard players, Ellesmere Port is expected to make up the bulk of Team GB’s players in the sport at the games. Great Britain has already been installed as odds on favourites with bookmakers Paddy Power.


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