Feckless moron, Steve Dobbs, insists Nigel Farage is on his side and is a ‘man of the people’.

Despite working a zero hours contract that offered him just five hours of paid work in the last week Steve, from Ellesmere Port, is backing Farage with his vote because he believes he’s a great bloke who speaks for him.

Steve commented:


He says what I’m thinking, doesn’t he? He don’t like them unelected European bureaucrats and neither do I.

That’s why Steve insists he voting for Farage so he can tell those unelected bureaucrats where they can go, and give them a piece of Steve’s mind.

This week Steve had to make do with just £45 to pay his transport costs, food and top up his electric card. Meanwhile Farage, who champions Brexit, received £450,000 from Arron Banks.

Steve also added:

Nige doesn’t like people who do nuffin, and that gets on my nerves too.


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