A particularly angry gammon, from Ellesmere Port, was reportedly FURIOUS today when he saw that Polish Immigrants had their own station. Kevin ‘Brains’ Thomas, from Little Sutton, was driving down Stanney Lane when he spotted the sign apparently directing Poles to their station.

Kevin raged for at least 30 minutes as he drove around in his Vauxhall Corsa, seething and spitting as he listened to his ‘Speeches of Tommy Robinson CD’.

Speaking exclusively to The Bugle, Kevin commented:


It’s a f*cking disgrace! I voted Brexit to get the immigrants out, not to get them their own sodding station.

Kevin only calmed down after stopping at the BP garage on Strawberry Roundabout for some Lambert and Butlers and some scratchies. He didn’t win, but the action of scraping some silver covering off some cards soothed his angered bonce.

Kevin continued:

It’s stuff like this is why we need to be out of Europe and stop doing what those unelected Bureaucrats tell us to do.

He added:

That’s why I deleted my Facebook account like Tommy said we should.


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