The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that serial killers being forced to meet with Piers Morgan for his TV series ‘Serial Killer with Piers Morgan’ is a breach of their basic human rights.

In the show, Piers Morgan forces serial killers to recount their stories while he sits opposite them and judges them like some pious nobleman. He then savages them in the voiceover, reducing them to objects of disgust.

A complaint was filed by ITV viewer Alan Liddle, from Ellesmere Port, when he witnessed Piers ridicule serial killer Bernard Giles. Alan complained to the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of Giles.


Alan commented:

It was horrible. With his cold, dead eyes. His lack of empathy. His dubious morality and history of tormenting people… Piers Morgan scared the hell out of me.

Alan’s complaint has been upheld, with the EU court ruling that Piers Morgan isn’t to interview any more serial killers as, despite what horrors they have committed, they don’t deserve to be subjected to Piers Morgan.

A spokesperson for the EU court added:

Lethal injection, the electric chair, a lifetime of solitude are all acceptable punishments… but being forced to endure Piers Morgan is a step too far.

One serial killer, who murdered his entire family, their pets and their neighbours, described Piers Morgan as ‘chilling’ and that he had never encountered anyone quite so evil in his life. Even on Death Row.

Piers Morgan was unavailable for comment as he was too busy tweeting about things he had no knowledge or experience of, yet still had formed strong opinions on them anyway.


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