Budget airline Ryanair has confirmed plans to dispel the current belief that it tolerates racism aboard its aircraft. The plans, outlined this morning, include setting aside the rear six rows of all aircraft for ‘passengers of colour’.

In recent days the airline has been accused of permitting racism aboard its aircraft after a white man racially abused a black woman, only for the airline staff to move the woman to a different seat so as not to offend the white man’s delicate sensibilities.

The whole incident was filmed and uploaded to the internet.


This caused huge embarrassment for Ryanair, with critics claiming they have given credibility to the man’s racist abuse by removing the woman who offended him so much with the colour of her skin.

Ryanair has today revealed a plan to end incidents such as this, and is looking to the past for inspiration in setting aside areas specifically for black passengers.

Ryanair looks to the famous Montgomery bus incident as inspiration for its solution

A spokesman for Ryanair commented:

By putting all the backs at the back of the plane we will ensure no further racist incidents will occur aboard our aircraft. Obviously there will be a small surcharge for booking either a ‘whites’ or ‘blacks’ section.



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