ADHD creche, the Freedome in Ellesmere Port, has been forced to stop charging customers after a successful challenge over its name.

Single mother, and junior partner at Chester-based law firm McDonald & King, Lorraine Muff, brought the claim against the operators of Freedome after taking her daughter there last month.

Lorraine took her eight-year-old daughter, Trampolina, to the indoor bounce arena and expected it to be free entry due to its name ‘Freedome’. However, Lorraine was reportedly disgusted to find the business was charging mothers as much as £13 for an hour and a half’s peace and quiet.


Lorraine argued with the manager of the Freedome for over two hours, before leaving furious. Her daughter was equally frustrated having not been able to jump and down the whole time.

Lorraine got both the Advertising Standards Authority and Trade Descriptions involved, and launched a case against the Freedome for not being free. Last week he case was successful, and the Freedome now cannot charge any customers for using its facilities while it continues to use the word ‘free’ within its name.

The managing director of Freedome in the UK, Peter Brown, commented:

This business has its ups and downs so we’ll roll with the punches and challenge the decision

Lorraine Muff, after winning her landmark case, added:

I’m delighted businesses can’t get away with this blatant lying in their advertising. Vue Cinemas is next on my list. Have you seen the ‘vue’ from their cinema? You can’t see anything!


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