A fully grown man, from Neston in Ellesmere Port, still firmly believes the toilet rolls in the house he shares with his 28 year old girlfriend Sarah are replenished by the ‘Toilet Roll Fairy’.

The man, 32 year old James Markell, works for an IT firm on the Wirral. He has lived with Sarah for three years and, before that, he lived with his parents in Little Sutton. He admits to never having purchased ‘toilet roll’, and believes the toilet rolls in his house are magically restocked by a fairy.

Speaking with the Bugle, James commented:


It’s magic. Whenever I go in to use the loo there are toilet rolls. My maam said it was the Toilet Roll Fairy when I was about 13, but I didn’t believe her at the time.

He continues:

I thought she was being sarcastic. You know, having a go because I never changed the loo rolls. But no. The fairy is real.

James’ girlfriend Sarah, a nurse at the Countess of Chester hospital, commented:

James is a lazy f*cking twat.

When asked whether or not James believes in other things, like the Tooth Fairy or Father Christmas, he retorted:

Of course not. I’m not an idiot. Only the Toilet Roll Fairy is real. How else do you explain how toilet rolls keep appearing in my bathroom?

We have no idea James. We have no idea.



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