A double-negative has meant that over 2,500 people have signed an online petition BACKING the creation of a proposed transit site in Ellesmere Port for gypsies and travellers.

The online petition was intended to oppose the plans but, due to a grammatical mistake akin to those made by President Trump, the petition has instead backed the proposals. The signatures from the 2,500 people from Ellesmere Port have also thrown their support behind the plans, which means the site will now go ahead.

The wording of the petition stated ‘This petition is to not oppose the proposed planning application for a travellers site near Rivacre, Ellesmere Port’. The use of the double negative means anyone who signed the petition has now supported the proposal, and it can go ahead as planned.


Local councillor, Diane Roberts, commented:

Unfortunately the wording on the petition is clear that it is supporting the proposals. There’s nothing we can do to stop them now. The site will be used.

Local resident, Jeff ‘Peckernose’ Dunne, commented:

We don’t not want no gypsies not in our town.

The use of the quadruple negative clearly demonstrates Jeff’s support for the plans. Jeff will be pleased these plans are now going ahead, as planned.


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