In a recent survey of caravaners from The Caravan Club, taking a shit in a cupboard came top of the most enjoyed things about a caravan holiday.

Other activities that rated highly included eating off cheap plastic plates, and showering in a cold, public toilet block.

Promoters of unpleasant holidays, The Caravan Club, recently polled its readers to find out what aspects of holidaying in a caravan they most enjoyed. The survey received almost 1,000 responses, with some real insights into the holidaying habits of people who like sleeping in tin boxes.


Unsurprisingly, causing huge tailbacks on the motorway rated very highly on the list, as this is something all caravanners enjoy. They feel if they have to endure a shit holiday in North Wales, then everyone should suffer while they get there.

John Reed, avid caravan enthusiast, commented:

There’s nothing quite like taking a shit in a cupboard three feet from my wife’s head, and two feet from our breakfast being cooked. Lovely.

The full top-ten list of activities most enjoyed by caravanners:

  1. Shitting in a cupboard
  2. Causing huge tailbacks on motorways
  3. Eating off cheap plastic plates
  4. Spending a week in a slightly shitter version of your own house
  5. Swapping your current neighbours for more unpleasant ones
  6. Sleeping within five meters of your entire family
  7. Playing tedious board games with people you can’t stand
  8. Watching television with a really poor signal
  9. Showering in cold, public toilet blocks
  10. Swinging

Did your favourite make the list? Let us know in the comments below if you think something else is the best thing about a caravan holiday?



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