The PARODY Twitter account for James Milner, @BoringMilner, has announced it is suing the Liverpool player James Milner for copyright infringement.

For several years Boring James Milner has been posting on Twitter as James Milner, sharing extremely mundane tweets about James’ fictional yet uneventful life.

However, the real James Milner took to Twitter recently using the Twitter profile @JamesMilner and immediately hit the ground running with a tweet about doing the ironing.


This has angered the creator of Boring James Milner, who has spent years cultivating the parody account to be the epitome of dullness.

The creator of the parody account, who chose not be named, commented:

Who does this ‘James Milner’ think he is, coming onto Twitter and stealing my thunder?

He raged:

This guy just rocks up and tweets his ironing, stealing my audience in one fail swoop.

It is argued that the real James Milner is just parodying the Boring James Milner Twitter account, and isn’t really as boring as he makes out. James Milner’s wife, Amy Fletcher, responded:

No, James is that boring.

The case is expected to go to court as both James Milners love paperwork and long, drawn-out proceedings.


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