Eye Tint TIA actually means ‘Anal Bleaching – Troublesome Itchy Anus‘ it has been revealed.

Frequent requests on Facebook groups for someone to do ‘Eye Tint TIA’ doesn’t actually have anything to do with the eyes, it has been confirmed. To casual readers the ‘TIA’ stands for ‘thanks in advance’ but, in fact, it actually stands for ‘Troublesome Itchy Anus’.

The ‘Eye Tint’ of course refers to having your back passage cleansed of artificial colouring.


The code was exposed when 22-year-old Lucy-Jo, from Little Sutton, posted in the Facebook group Pride in the Port for someone to do an eye tint for her. She was planning a night out and wanted her eyes to look ‘well lush’.

However, she received the shock of her life when a woman came round to her house to perform the simple practise and ordered her to drop her trousers before proceeding to bleach blast her ring.

It was several minutes before Lucy-Jo became suspicious that the mild burning sensation on her sphincter didn’t actually have anything to do with tinting her eyes.

Lucy-Jo commented to the Bugle:

My ass was burning. Felt like I’d eaten a dead hot Korma.

When asked if she’d have the procedure a second time, Lucy-Jo confirmed she would.

Yeah, of course. I feels well confident on a night out knowing me ring piece is glossy white.

Other residents of Ellesmere Port have been advised to air on the side of caution when requesting an ‘Eye Tint TIA’ on Facebook, unless they do actually want their poop shoot squirted with industrial strength bleach.


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