A Cancer specialist at the Countess of Chester Hospital has taken the radical step of prescribing a course of Facebook likes and shares for a young girl battling the disease.

The specialist, Doctor Charles Cook, prescribed the treatment ahead of more conventional methods usually undertaken by the NHS.

Six-year-old Emily, from Ellesmere Port, was diagnosed with the disease six months ago and Doctor Cook took over her case just last month. With the initial treatment of a course of ‘hopes and prayers’ proving ineffective, Doctor Cook has opted for the more severe and invasive Facebook likes and shares.


Speaking with the Bugle, Doctor Cook commented:

Hopes and prayers just weren’t working, so we’re upping her medication to likes and shares on Facebook. One like equals one prayer, so she’s getting the prayers as well.

Doctor Cook continued:

With the help of social media users, we’ll have this disease beaten and this little girl back on her feet again in no time.

Emily’s mother, Lorraine, was optimistic about the treatment prescribed by her doctor.

So long as we put delete if not aloud before any post, I know this will work! I’ve even post it on Snapchat and used a dog-ear filter. If that doesn’t beat Cancer, nothing will!


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