A competition to find a new town slogan for Ellesmere Port has found a popular winner, with the chosen slogan set to be used on literature, signage and in online media.

Many towns in the UK have slogans to promote them, and Ellesmere Port’s town leaders wanted a slogan that encapsulates everything that is good about the town. The winning slogan, ‘Sorry About the Smell’, was chosen after a selection process that lasted several weeks.

The idea for a town slogan came after MP Justin Madders noticed that other towns were doing very well with their slogans and were using them to drive both tourism and business. For example, Norwich has ‘A fine city’, Peterborough has ‘A city to surprise and delight you’ and Bath has ‘Visit Bath and beyond’. Justin wanted something equally impressive for Ellesmere Port, so launched a competition to find a new slogan.


The Independent ran a story on town slogans some years ago, but Ellesmere Port was sadly missing from the list due it not having a slogan of its own.

Thankfully that has all changed, and the new slogan will be added to signs on the outskirts of town, and on any tourism literature used to promote the town.

‘Sorry About the Smell’ was chosen from a shortlist that contained ‘Don’t leave, we’ve got Cheshire Oaks’ and ‘Delete if not aloud’.

Speaking to the Bugle this week, MP Justin Madders commented:

Sorry about the smell was my idea. We were trying to think of a town slogan and we were entertaining some visiting dignitaries from Manchester when I said to them ‘sorry about the smell’. I thought ‘that’s genius’. It perfectly sums up our town.

What do the Bugle’s readers think of the town’s new slogan?


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