Britain First pin-up, Jayda Fransen, has been selected to front a new TV campaign for the washing powder Daz.

Fransen, who recently had some tweets on the subject of whites being better than colours retweeted by US president Donald Trump, was triumphant in securing the Daz campaign from a hotly contested shortlist. The shortlist included Tommy Robinson, who is very vocal on his love of whites, and Fransen’s partner at the top of Britain First, Paul Golding.

The campaign will see Fransen knocking on doors of homes around the UK and offering to conduct a ‘Daz Doorstep Challenge’, where she will check on the standard of whites in people’s homes. Should the standard of whites fall below Fransen’s expected level, she will offer to cleanse them with Daz washing powder.


Fransen hopes to ensure the UK’s homes are kept ‘whites only’, with no darker colours creeping in, especially those unpleasant ‘off whites’ she, and Britain First, are so afraid of.

The original campaign featured jovial Millwall supporter Danny Baker, and aired during the 1990s.

Fransen, speaking about her selection for the advertising campaign, commented:

Knocking on the nation’s doors checking for dirty darks is something that really appeals to me. I’ll make sure the UK is whites only, you can count on that.

A spokesperson for Daz was undeterred when the subject of Fransen being an unsuitable role model was suggested by Liberals.

We love things white. She loves things white. She’s the perfect match for us.

Fransen begins shooting the new campaign for Daz next month, and will start in Luton where she hopes to turn to the town white.


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