LIBERAL campaigners have successfully forced the 1960s English rock band, Manfred Mann, to change their name to Gender-Neutral Fred Gender Neutral so as not to offend people who do not identify with a particular gender.

This has caused considerable difficulty to the band’s founding member, also named Manfred Mann, as he too has had to change his name to avoid causing offence. Mr Mann, now named Mr Gender Neutral, is a South African born Englishman born in Johannesburg in 1940.

Changing his name at such a late stage in his life has proven especially challenging, he explained:


I’m 77 and can barely remember where I live, never mind that my name is now Gender-Neutral Fred Gender Neutral.

Gender-Neutral, as he is now known, continued:

I’ve had to change my pension book, and all of my bank accounts. I’ve even had to change my name with those people on the TV who give you a free pen for enquiring about funeral expenses.

Gender-equality campaigner, Christie Elan-Cane, successfully took the band formerly known as Manfred Mann to court claiming their name caused great offence to anyone who didn’t identify as either male or female.

The court ruled in Christie’s favour, meaning both the band and Mr Mann himself were forced to change their name.

The battle from Christie Elan-Cane was directly after the successful campaign against the Home Office, when they refused to offer a gender-neutral passport. After winning the court battle against the Home Office, Christie turned their attention to the gross offence caused by Manfred Mann.

After defeating the Home Office and Manfred Mann, Christie next hopes to tackle the massive insult caused to people who do not identify with a gender by high street retailer Topman.



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