An Ellesmere Port woman this week gave some money, and some food, to a local homeless man but neglected to tell the world on social media, it has been confirmed.

The woman, who wished to remain nameless because she’s not an attention seeking shrew, gave the homeless man ten English pounds earlier this week.

She then somehow avoided the temptation to post about what she had done on Facebook, so that all of her friends and members of a local Facebook group could congratulate her for her kind-hearted actions.


Speaking to the Bugle, the unnamed woman commented:

Post it on Facebook? Why would I do that? I’m sure this man just wants to be left alone and not have his every action broadcast to the whole town.

Her selfless charity didn’t sit well with everyone in Ellesmere Port, however, as thirty-nine-year-old busy-body Theresa, who wants to know everybody’s business, added:

I gave him some crisps, then told everyone on Facebook. The number of likes I got was bloomin’ brilliant. I expect I’ll get some sort of Pride of Britain award.

A woman named Liz posted on Pride in the Port about the homeless man, asking the admins of the group to stop all the posts about the homeless man. Unfortunately Alanis Morissette was not on hand to confirm whether or not this was ironic.

MP Justin Madders has confirmed that a Wi-Fi hotspot will be installed near to where the homeless man sleeps, so that other residents of Ellesmere Port can ensure their charitable donations of money, food and time don’t go unshared on social media.


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