Some residents in ELLESMERE PORT have announced they’re dissatisfied with the work being put in by Wombles, as the town still looks a shit-tip.

They have complained to the council that the Wombles aren’t cleaning up after them when they throw their rubbish into the street, and into their gardens.

The Wombles were advertised as collecting rubbish and making the place look tidier on a TV campaign aired over a number of years, but Ellesmere Port residents have seen so sign of this.


Mrs Rogers, from Girton Road, has put in an official complaint to the council and tagged local MP Justin Madders on Facebook. She commented:

It’s a bluddy Discrace!!1! These Wombles is sposed to cleen up after us, but they dos nuffin. I chucked my rubbish into da street 5 days ago n its still there.

Mr Dean, also from Girton Road, added:

Uncle Bulgaria? Uncle Do bugger all more like!

None of the Wombles were available for comment, but the Bugle can confirm that the pile of crap seen in our photo, taken on Girton Road, is still there. The Wombles have made no effort to clean it up and make any use of the things that they find.

Mrs Rogers added:

Im sp8king with Justin Madders tomorrow. He’d betta do somefink about it or else.

The Bugle will monitor this story for developments.


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