Parenting expert, Gerry McCann, is to launch his acting career playing the villain opposite 80s portly powerhouse Steven Seagal in a new action film.

The film, titled Above the Kill, is being filmed over the next six weeks in Russia, and is about a child abduction ring headed by McCann’s character ‘Victor’. Seagal plays former cop, ex-special forces and divorced dad Jack Barnes, looking for his lost daughter.

Despite having no previous acting experience, McCann was chosen for the role because of his intensity and his affinity with the film’s key messages.


Steven Seagal chose the role because he needed the cash.

Gerry McCann, in a recent interview, commented:

I’m very excited to be acting opposite Steven. He’s a legendary performer and he’s taught me some great moves. It’s great being involved in a film which is about something so close to my heart.

Seagal is delighted to be making movies again, after a brief stint away from the camera. Segal has spent the last few years in Russia, where he’s become close personal friends with Vladimir Putin. Seagal commented about the film.

I’m some sort of cop, or something, with a dark past. Someone’s gone missing, someone important to me. I guess. I shoot a few people. Hit a few people. Who cares? It all goes straight to my ex-wives.

When asked about Gerry McCann’s acting debut, Steven added:

Good. He’s real good. There’s some real darkness in his eyes. I completely believed his performance in the role. He scares me.

The film is released on DVD in garages and service stations in July.



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