A car owned by suspected Bond villain Elon Musk has been launched into space in order to orbit Mars. However, the car has already suffered the fate of all motorists and has had to endure a black Audi right up its arse, flashing its lights.

The car, a red Tesla, has been launched into space via the Falcon Heavy rocket. Its owner, Elon Musk, for some reason wanted to send his car into space to orbit Mars. Sat in the driver’s seat of the car is a mannequin, wearing a space suit.

Mr Musk confirmed he did this so he could enter the car pool lanes around the Moon.


Even though Mr Musk’s car is in space, he still faces a problem from the DVLA over his road tax.

A spokesperson for the DVLA commented:

We don’t care if his car’s in space, on Mars or on the fucking moon. He hasn’t declared it off the road he’s getting fined.

The Bugle understands the black Audi has now overtaken the Tesla, and was last seen speeding across the sea of tranquillity.


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