Quiffed 80’s icon Rick Astley has finally kicked his reliance on you after spending three weeks in rehab.

The Lancastrian entertainer famously insisted he was unable to give you up but, thanks to help from medical experts, is now free from you.

Mr Astley was admitted to rehab just before Christmas, after an intervention by his closest friends and family.


He had been insisting for 30 years that he couldn’t give up you, but it finally came to a head at a family gathering when his wife, Lene Bausager, had enough of his boasts about his addiction.

Lene commented:

We were having a small party when Rick stood up, grabbed a microphone and started going on again about not giving you up. We all looked at each other as if to say enough is enough.

She added.

We grabbed him by his tight-fitting suit and bundled him in the car. He was confused, but still insisting he wouldn’t give you up. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

While at the rehab centre, Mr Astley was joined by Robert Palmer who was being treated for an addition to love.

After three weeks in the rehab centre Mr Astley was released, having confirmed he was now able to give you up and no longer felt the burning craving for you.

Mr Astley commented:

I’ve been battling with this for 30 years and I can finally say I’m over you. Thanks to my family, friends and my wife, Lene, for helping me during this difficult time.


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