Pornography website Pornhub has announced it is to follow F1 and darts by banning attractive women.

Formula One announced, this week, that it was banning Grid Girls from next season as the presence of attractive women in hot pants was offending other women who, presumably, wouldn’t wear hot pants.

The girls, who were paid to attend the Grand Prix races holding flags, were universally pleased that someone else was offended on their behalf and that, as a result, they no longer have to travel to exotic locations around the world and be paid for being on the TV.


Following this decision, porn website Pornhub has just announced that it will be stopping attractive women from appearing on its website as some other women have been offended on their behalf. It was argued that a porn website didn’t need attractive women for it to work, and that the women were being exploited for their looks.

Pornhub has agreed and, from March this year, attractive women will be removed from the website.

A spokesman for Pornhub doesn’t believe the move will affect their subscribers. Geoff Pounder, from Pornhub, commented:

Men subscribe to Pornhub for the community, not for the women. We’re happy to follow F1 and darts by removing women from our entertainment package.

Adult actress, Brenda Blows, commented:

This is a good decision from Pornhub. We don’t need the work anyway. It’ll give us more time to find husbands and have babies.

A spokesperson for a women’s rights group, Abigail Munter, added:

We won’t rest until all attractive women lose the work they have for being attractive. It’s equal rights for less than equal women!

It is not known if Pornhub will replace ALL women completely, or whether it will just stop using attractive women who could be ‘objectified’. Geoff Pounder suggested that perhaps ugly women could feature on the website, or the company may even look into the technology offered by sexbots.


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