A special Ellesmere Port Edition of Monopoly has been released today, and is available to buy from Asda. The special edition of the popular property trading game has been released in limited numbers, and is expected to sell out very quickly – so fans of the game are advised to snap up their copy as soon as possible.

Previous special editions of the game, such as ones for Liverpool and Manchester, have proven very popular and Parker Games, the makers of Monopoly, believe the Ellesmere Port Edition will prove something of a cult classic.

The game is endorsed by local MP Justin Madders, whose image is featured on the limited edition box.


The standard game of Monopoly features playing tokens such as a racing car, battleship and a dog. The Ellesmere Port Edition, however, features tokens specific to the town.

The tokens include an abandoned shopping trolley, a defecating dog, a discarded cigarette packet and a dead cat.

One of the Ellesmere Port specific Monopoly pieces – an abandoned shopping trolley
The Ellesmere Port Monopoly dog taking a shit

The Chance and the Community Chest cards have also been updated to echo life in the port. One of the cards can be seen below, but other cards feature messages such as:

  • The school has complained about you wearing pyjamas to pick up your kids, pay £10 to the Bank.
  • Child maintenance payments are due, pay £200 to each player.
  • A dog has fouled outside your house, miss one turn trying to tag Justin Madders on Facebook.
Some of the Community Chest cards are true to Port life

The streets have also been updated to reflect Port life, with Old Kent Road, Euston Station and Coventry Street replaced with the likes of Station Road, Stanney Lane and the Wezzy.

The game retails for £29.99 and is available today from Asda, but it is expected to sell out very quickly so, if you would like to secure yourself a copy, you are advised to head down there straight away.


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