Twenty-two-year-old Debbie, from Ellesmere Port, has contracted a terrible YEAST INFECTION on a recent trip to Las Vegas with the girlies.

Debbie travelled out to Vegas late last month for a long weekend to celebrate her best mate Donna’s impending nuptials. Typically, things got out of hand and Debbie acted somewhat out of character.

In a particularly wild night that started at a male strip club, Debbie went home with two men of South American origin. Debbie believed, rather naively, that the city’s slogan ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ actually meant she’d be OK, no matter what depraved act she consented to.


She found this not to be true.

Speaking to the Bugle upon her return, Debbie commented:

Me foo foo is burning up. It’s all sore, with a dead nasty discharge like.

Debbie went onto explain:

I thought stuff stayed in Vegas, like that saying. You know? Turns out it’s bollocks. I’ve brought this itchy little bastard back with me.

Debbie has resolved to never go back to Las Vegas again, as she doesn’t trust the place after what happened.

The yeast infection hasn’t put her off travel, however, as she’s planning a trip to New York in a few months.

I’m going to New York but I’m not booking a hotel as you don’t sleep there, do you? I’ve definitely heard that somewhere.


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