We recently spent some time with some local Ellesmere Port bin men to see how they spend their ample free time. The results may shock and surprise you!

Everyone knows that bin men have a cushy job. They work only one day a week, and even then just in the mornings, and then have six days off with which to relax and enjoy themselves.

But what do they get up to with their free time? Our intrepid reporters found out as we followed Ellesmere Port bin men Mick, Dave and Kev for one week.


Our day started on the Monday morning, where we waited outside Mick’s house for him to wake up. Their morning of work was scheduled for the Wednesday, when they were due to empty the bins around Ellesmere Port. We waited several hours before Mick emerged around noon, hung over from the night before.

Mick introduced himself to our reporter with a bit of jovial banter.

What the f*ck do you want? Do you know the f*cking time? I’ve got work in two days!

Once Mick had sobered up and had some coffee, he was more than happy to talk us through his day. He had a busy schedule lined up, which included a bit of Xbox, some Judge Rinder and a stroll down to the ‘offy’ around 3pm for some fags.

His Monday evening was then spent in front of the TV, scraping stodgy pizza off his shirt.

In fact Mick’s Tuesday was shaping up the same way too, so we left him to it.

Wednesday was Mick’s day of work as a bin man. We followed Mick to pick up his truck, where we also met Kev and Dave. They’d spent the week so far in the Algarve, as bin men are paid so much for one day a week’s work they can afford to do this. They were planning on spending Thursday and Friday playing golf, all at the taxpayer’s expense.

Mick commented:

I love this f*cking job. We get paid a shit load for a few hours’ work a week. It’s great.

Our reporter noticed how the trio were leaving bins outside the wrong houses, and in front of driveways. When asked about this, Dave commented:

People love it. It’s like a little scavenger hunt for them. They get to have a wander to find their bin. Sometimes it’s gone, and they have to phone for a new one. Keeps the economy going doesn’t it?

After they’d finished their shift, about 2pm, the lads were done for another week. We were due to follow Mick around for another few days until Sunday, but he told us to ‘do one’ as he had plans with some ‘birds’ he’d been eying up during his round.

I like to spend Wednesday afternoon until Sunday revisiting some of the more lonely housewives who’ve caught my eye during my round. Dirty slappers love a bin man.

So that’s what bin men get up to on their six days off. Next time we’ll be following a politician to see if they actually do any work.


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